‘Tears’ Soon to be released….

tears of emotions jewellery project

My interpretation of the colours of emotion

I have had much to mull on of late after some illness and felt I needed to create something relating to those thoughts and feelings.  Bringing a positive out of a negative and moving forward is so important to that healing process. I have always felt the necessity to bring colour into my life and enjoy reading and learning about the meanings and emotions that colours represent and evoke.

tears of passion

‘Tears’ of passion’ , anger or frustration



‘Tears of Sadness’ can be very cleansing.

It is important to note that colours can be subjective – what might make one person feel cheerful can make another person feel irritated depending on the viewers’ past experiences or cultural differences.

Colour is not completely agreed on universally and can appeal differently to individual countries.  I do hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed the process…

Two new earrings styles are released this week

'On the Wing Yellow'‘On the Wing Yellow’ are the latest addition to my ‘Birds and Butterflies’ collection. These earrings add some raw earthiness to the collection with their  soft, creamy, yellow butterflies, hand carved in natural yellow Adventurine.

DSCF0769‘Purple Cubist’ has added some richness to my ‘Contemporary’ collection. The royal purple glass cube beads give a classical but modem look to my favourite custom ‘elf ear’ wire shape

    Both styles are elegant and contemporary in design and are hand forged by me using Australian eco-friendly reclaimed sterling silver. You will find them  – http://www.feminine-fusion.com/store

New Release ~ ‘On the Wing’

New financial year and with that comes some new additions.

My ‘On the Wing’ design will be released by the end of the week

and will be part of the ‘Birds and Butterflies’ collection.

We have an abundance of birds and butterflies where we live and this has inspired me to expand this collection.

There is something so liberating about a bird or butterfly and for me wearing them symbolises beauty, purity and freedom.


A Peek at the copper version

My new ‘High Tea’ Collection is now here!


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